About the Framework Programme


The current crisis in Ukraine has accentuated the country’s environmental and energy challenges and highlighted the need for energy security, more sustainable environmental policies and practices, capacitated governance structures, and mechanisms for viable and meaningful public participation in decision-making processes at municipal level.

Goal and objectives

The goal of the REC’s framework programme is to contribute to more participatory and transparent governance that will improve local sustainability planning and resource management and reduce energy dependency in Ukraine.

In order to reach this goal, the REC has defined the following three objectives:

Expected results

The REC aims to improve local governance, sustainability planning and resource management in Ukraine. As a result of the implemented activities we expect that local governments will place sustainable development and energy security high on their agendas; recognise the importance of involving stakeholders and civil society in decision making; and engage stakeholders and the public in a participatory process that will result in local policies that correspond to community needs. These sustainable policies and the related local actions will provide the basis for improved resource management. At the same time, an informed public and a strengthened civil society will be capable of holding the authorities accountable for their actions. Ultimately, this is expected to have a long-term positive impact on society and to contribute to greater resilience and reduced energy dependence for Ukraine.